All dogs in our home brings us not only joy, but troubles too. You must decided many questions, like how to look after your dog , how to feed him and how to cultivate him. Long ahired dog owners have most question about it. They must begin to prepare their dogs coat as early as they can.Often owners of dogs does not know how to look after little dog.But they must do this from the very firsts days. At dogs third month of his life you can give him a bath for the first time, but also you must be careful, and look after your dog, so he wouldn‘t cought a cold. All puppies who finds triming and brushing as an enjoying activitie, will like it in future too.


- Triming;
- Washing and consumptiving;
- Cuting nails;
- Cleaning ears;
- Preparation to exibitions;
- And various consultations.